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Attribution Sites:                                                      Uncleaned Coins And Coin Cleaning

Dirty Old Coins                                                             Scotts Site With Dealer Info And Cleaning Tips
Jencek's Obverse Legends                                             Coin Zappers Site
Old Coin Man's Obverses                                                John Ryan's Brass Cleaning Tools

Mint Markings:                                                          Emperors, Personifications, Deities and Maps

Dr. Tom Buggey's Mint Marks                                          Emperors Portraits On Coins From The Republic To Diocletian
Pieces of Time Mint Marks                                             List Of Emperors With Information
                                                                                  Maps Of The Roman Empire
                                                                                  Tons Of Roman Maps And Information

The Best Information:
Sunday's Ancient Peddler Auction

Super Site By Doug Smith                                              Ancient Peddler Sunday Auctions                             
Great Site By Dr. Tom Buggey                                                              
Different Types Of Portrait Styles                                       

Contemporary fake coins:                                      Software:

Fakes                                                                          Irfan view
Real versus Fake                                                          Merge

Unknown Coins
                                                                                  The short spear
                                                                                  Camera Stand