The crystalline structure of two coins, one is authentic and the other a reproduction.

In the later part of 2003, Reid Goldsborough was wondering if there may be a difference in the structure of an authentic ancient silver coin and a
modern forgery.  I volunteered to take the images if I had the coins to photograph.  Mark Lehman volunteered a broken Julia Paula AR Denarius,
and Reid had modern cast forgery of Parion archaic hemidrachm.  I broke the Forged coin myself.

The images were taken with a Toshiba PDR-M71 digital camera though a stereo microscope at 10X and 30X magnification.

Click on an image for a full resolution image.


Authentic Denarius

Modern Cast Forgery

A full shot of the Denarius

A full shot of the forgery

Authentic right side

Forgery right side

Authentic left side

Forgery left side

Authentic coin at 30X

Forgery at 30X

Authentic close up

Forgery close up