Camera stand

Clicking on an image will increase its size,  The coin of Probus and Trajan were taken with this setup.  The 3 images
of each are taken with the same lighting settings.  The difference is from a slight change in camera setting.  The Trajan is
a coin won from Harry on AP Auction, it truly is a awesome prize, the colors you see on the coin are the colors it really
has.  The Probus coin is very dark, it was very hard for me to get a nice photo of it before, with this light box I was able
to get a half decent image. 

The inside of the box is lit with a circular florescent lamp and the top lighting is provided by (3) 20 Watt Halogen lamps.


Probus 1

Probus 2

Probus 3

Trajan 1

Trajan 2

Trajan 3