RIC 260 Serdica

Obverse-IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Bust type A, F, G, I.
Reverse-IOVI CONSER      Emperor standing right, holding sceptre, receiving globe from Jupiter, standing left holding sceptre.
              IOVI CONSERV

Mint marks- 


Mint-P (1st Officina) Bust with spear and shield.

Courtesy of Hermies coins.

Mint-S (2nd Officina) Crest on Cuirass

Mint-S (2nd Officina) Emperor raising kneeling woman on cuirass

Mint-P (1st Officina) Mars attacking right with shield and spear on cuirass.

Courtesy of HJB

Mint S (2nd Officina) Bust of Aurelian right facing bust of Severina left.

Tom Ross collection