Obv-M POBLICI LEG PRO PR Helmeted head of Roma right.

Rev-CN MAGNVS IMP (off flan) Hispania standing right holding shield and two spears, presenting palm to Gnaeus Pompey standing left on prow, left hand resting on sword.

17 mm, 3.52 gr.

Antony Legionary Denarius 123 B.C.

Obv-ANT AVG M VIR RPC Galley sailing right.

Rev-LEG VI Raven right, between two standards.

16x20 mm, 3.25 gr.

C. Malleoius C. f. 118 B.C.

Obv-C MALLE C F Helmeted bust of Roma right, X behind head.

Rev-LIC CN DOM Bituitus standing right with spear and shield in Biga.

20mm, 3.86 gr

Porcia I. C. Cato 123 B.C.

Obv-Head of Roma right, X behind.

Rev-Victory in biga right, C CATO beneath horses. ROMA beneath that.

16x18 mm, 3.77 gr

Cupiennius 147 B.C.

Obv-Head of Roma right, X below chin, cornucopiae behind.

Rev-Dioscuri, laureate, riding right, CVP below horses, ROMA in ex.

18 mm, 4.05 gr.

M. Acilius Mf. 130 B.C. scarce

Obv-Helmeted bust right.

Rev-Figure standing in quadriga right. ROMA in ex.

18 mm, 3.85 gr.

M. Fonteius Cf. 85 B.C.

Obv-Laureate head of Apollo Vejavis right, thunderbolt below, ROMA monogram below chin. M FONTEI C F behind.

Rev-Infant Genius riding goat right, caps of Dioscuri above, filleted thyrsos below.

20 mm, 3.71 gr.

Obv- Head of Roma right, star behind.

Rev- P.MAT over ROMA under Quadriga charging right.

Obv- Head of Roma right.

Rev- ROMA over Biga charging right over DOM

Obv- Bust of Venus left.

Rev- P.LICNIVS.L.F. over ???CER in ex. Figure in Quardriga charging right, holding spear.

L Titurius L. F. Sabinus 89 B.C.

Obv-Bare head of King Tatius, SABIN behind

Rev-Two soldiers running, carrying Sabine woman. L TITVRI in ex.

17 mm, 3.84 gr.

Servilia 100-95 B.C.

Obv-Bust of Minerva wearing crested helmet and aegis, RVLLI behind.

Rev-Victory in biga right, P below horses, SERVILI M F in ex.

18 mm, 3.80 gr.

Obv-ROMA Head of Roma right.

Rev-C. FLAMINIVS CILO under Biga charging right.

Obv-Jugate busts left.

Rev-CEVRICI.C Two figures standing holding spears on either side of a lion. Q upper center.

18x20 mm, 3.55 grs.

Obv-I.S.M.R. Head of Juno Sospita ov Lanuvium in goat skin right.

Rev-L.THORIVS BALBVS Bull charging right with a G above.

Obv-P ACCOLEIVS LARISCOLVS Bust of Diana Nemorensis right with hair falling down her neck.

Rev-Triple cult statueof Diana Nemorenisis standing facing, supporting beam on which there are five trees.

Obv-ACISCVLVS Radiate head of Apollo right, axe behind.

Rev-L. VALERIVS Diana in galloping biga right

Obv-Laureate head of Apollo right, XXI control mark behind head

Rev-C PISO FRVGI ROMA Horseman galloping right holding palm.

Obv-VIIII NASO S.C Helmeted head of Mars right, VIIII NASO S.C behind

Rev-L.AXSIVS L. F Diana in biga pulled by stags, 3 dogs running with biga.

Obv-RVLLI Helmeted and draped bust of Minerva left.

Rev-P.SERVILI.M.F Victory, holding palm branch, driving biga right; P below.

Obv-Head of Apollon r.

Rev-L.CENSOR L CENSOR downward before Marsyas, bald-headed, walking l., with r. arm raised and holding wine-skin over l. shoulder; behind, column bearing statue of Victory.

Obv-Male head right with attibutes of Apollo, behind trident and vase.

Rev-L.IVLI.BVRSIO Victory in quadriga right, above NE, in exergue L.IVLI.BVRSIO

Obv-CONCORDIA Diademed and veiled bust of Concordia Rt., star (comet) below chin.

Rev-L.MVSSIDIVS LONGVS / CLOACIN Statues of Venus Cloacina standing on platform inscribed CLOACIN. Flight of staris on left side of platform.

Obv-S.C. Diademed and draped bust of Diana, bow and quiver over shoulder, SC before.

Rev-A.CXXIII / TI.CLAUD.TI.F / AP.N Victory in a biga right, raising wreath in right, palm and reigns in left.

Obv-ROMA CERCO Head of young Mars right wearing crested Corinthian helmet, ROMA above, X (XVI in monogram) behind, CERCO before

Rev-Q.LVTATI Reverse galley right, Q` LVTATI (VT in monogram) / Q above, all within oak wreath

Obv-GRAG Head of Roma r.; in field l. mark of value.

Rev-LANTES / ROMA Jupiter with sceptre and reins in left and hurling thunderbolt with r. hand.

Obv-Helmeted head of Roma right, behind value mark.

Rev-ROMA / TI MINVCI / AVGVRINI Spiral column; statue standing on column; at the base two corn ears; on l. togate figure holding something (loaves ?) in both hands and placing left foot on modius; on r., togate figure holding lituus (?) in r. hand.





Obv-Head of Apollo right. S O in right field.

Rev-Victory in quadriga right. Looks like LEIBCNVO in ex.


Obv-Head of Apollo right.

Rev-Victory in quadriga right.


Obv-Laureate head right, star behind, WO in front.

Rev-Man on horse, standing on aquaduct, LEP in archs of duct. Monogram with A behind.


Obv-Helmeted head right.

Rev-Legend around shield.

Apollonia Pontika Gorgon

Obv-Face of a Gorgon.

Rev-Anchor, crayfish and letter A.

Istros Stater

Obv-Two young male heads facing side by side one upright the other inverted.

Rev-IETPIH Sea eagle standing left on a dolphin, Eagle is attacking dolphin with beak. Delta beneath.

Phillip III

Obv-Head of Alexander as Hercules right, Wearing lion-skin deaddress/robe tied with paws at his throat.

Rev-FILIIIIIOK behind throne of Zeus, holding eagle and scepter. Uncertain city in Asia.

Olbia, Thrace

Bronze Dolphin Coin,

300-100 B.C.

Obv-Bearded, bulbous-nosed Pan, licentious god of fields and flocks. Having a human torso but head with goat's legs, horns and ears.

Rev-Bull with "PAN" around the head,=. This coin is sometimes called the "Devil coin" because our concept of the Devil was inspired by the look of Pan

17mm, 4.90 grs.

Obv-Head of the nymph Histiaia right.

Rev-The nymph Histiaia seated right on the stern of a galley, holding a naval standard, with ISTI AIEWN, in two parts, before and behine, with a small wing on the side of the galley.

Obv-Radiate head of Helios right.

Rev-P-O on either side of rose with a bud to right. Magistrate's name above, All within a shallow incuse square. This is an ex Spivey collection coin.

15mm, 2.45 grs.

Obv-Head of Dionysos right.

Rev-Bow-case and quiver, monogram l.

23 mm, 15.30 grs.

Obv-Turreted, veiled and draped bust of Tyche.

Rev-Nike standing holding alpustre and palm. Greek legend:ARADION, Monogram dating year 182 (70-71 B.C.), framed by laurel wreath.

25x27 mm, 15.45 grs.

Obv-Youthful male head, possibly representing Apollo.

Rev-Wheel with four spokes, with MA in two of the quarters.

10.5 mm, 0.59 grs.

Obv- Capricorn with star in right field.

Rev- Scorpion

Obv-Diademed head of Zues right.

Rev-Eagle standing left on thunderbold, head reverted, monogram in left field. DIAS in ex.

19mm, 8.10 grs.

Obv-Head of Dionysios right, wreathed with ivy.

Rev-Dionysios standing left holding grapes and narthex stock, cloak from left shoulder, figure surrounded by Inscription.

23 mm, 15.32 grs.

Obv-Head of young Herakles right, clad in lion's skin.

Rev-Two goats kneeling right, Two monograms in ex with another to the right.

20 mm, 8.18 grs.

Obv-Head of Persefhone left, T behind head.

Rev-Bull butting left, IE in ex. Knotted club with D below, all above bulls back.

18mm, 6.50 grs.

Obv-BKX Draped bust right.

Rev-CYICKOYPPO Draped bust right.

Obv- Head of Helios three quarter face to right.

Rev- Rose with a bud to the right, how in case to the left.

Obv- Turreted bust of Tyche, wearing stephane, right.

Rev- Cornucopiae, Phoenician date.

Obv- Head of Tanit left, wearing wreath of corn ears, earring and necklace, dotted border.

Rev- Horse head right, star in right field.


Obv-Cista Mystica with serpent.

Rev-Bow case between two serpents. Palm branch between two cornucopiae. above torch to right.

Obv-Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin headdress.

Rev-Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and sceptre.

Obv-Head of Zeus right.

Rev-Celtized Horse with naked rider Right.

Obv-Diademed head of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, on shield.

Rev-MAKEDONWPRWTHS Club within oak wreath, 3 monograms, one above, two below.

Obv-Two naked athletes wrestling, grasping each other by the arms, 'Delta-AI' between.

Rev-ESTFEDIIUS Slinger advancing right, about to discharge his sling, triskeles in right field.

Obv-Satyr kneeling right, with long tail, holding kantharos. Scarce right version!

Rev-QASIWN Amphora.

Obv-Bull standing left, P I between legs


Obv-Forepart of lion right, head turned back

Rev-Quadripartite incuse square, A over pellet and bunch of grapes in sunken quarters.

Obv-Head of Ptolemy ? Right.

Rev-Eagle standing right.

Obv-Celtic-Iberian male head and three dolfins.

Rev-OROSIS Horseman with spear.

25 mm, 8.56 grs.

Obv-Image of Christ sitting on throne.

Rev-Emperor standing.

19mm, 5.13 grs.

Obv-Image of Christ sitting on throne.

Rev-Emperor and wife.

19 mm, 1.88 grs.

Obv- Christ sitting on throne.

Rev- Christ and Emperor standing.

Obv-Dn Tib CONSTANT PP AVI Facing bust of Tiberius, holding mappa and eagle tipped scepter, wearing consular robes.

Rev-ANNO Large M, ANNO to left, cross above, regnal date to right. CONE in ex.

Obv-DN MAURIC TIBER PP AVG Crowned facing bust, holding globus-cruciger.

Rev-ANNO Large M, ANNO to left, regnal date to right (II), cross above. A below. CON in ex.

Obv-DN IVSTINVS PP AVG Justin and Sophia seated facing, holding together a cross on globe.

Rev-ANNO Large M, with ANNO to left and regnal date to right. THEUP in ex.

Parthian Coin Artabanus II

Obv-Bare-headed bust left with medium square cut beard, wearing diadem with loop at the top and three ends, hair almost straight, earring visible; border of dots

Rev-beardless archer, seated right on throne; in right hand, bow; below bow, Greek inscription BASILEWS BASILEWN / ARSAKOU / EUERGETOU DIKAIOS / EPIFANOUS FILELLHNOS legend on left read from outside

Ecbatana Mint, Undated

Obv- Elephant walking right.

Rev- Bull walking right.

Obv- Crowned and cuirassed bust right. Three stars and crescents around.

Rev- Fire alter with attendants on either side. Four stars and crescents around.