Leo I                  457 - 474 A.D.


Leo was a Thracian soldier who gained enough clout fighting for the armies of Marcian that upon his death he was able to secure the throne. Leo mounted only one major military campaign and it was against the Vandals in Northern Africa. The naval invasion fleet was decimated by the forces of Gaiseric and the unfavorable conclusion of this battle marks the final Roman attempt to recover this key region. The rest of Leo's career was taken up handling the blessing and vetoing of the many puppet emperors during the last years of the West as well as handling various other foreign and domestic matters. Many of Leo's reign was weakened if not outright dominated by several military leaders. He died in 474 of advanced age and was succeeded by his son Leo II.


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Obv-DN LEO PF AVG Diademed and draped bust right.

Rev-No Legend Lion crouching left with head turned