Gallienus               253 - 268


Gallienus, Valerian's son, became co-emperor shortly after Valerian himself ascended the throne. His greatest contribution to military history was the first commissioning of a cavalry-only unit which could be dispatched anywhere within the empire within short order. He was also successful in repelling wave after wave of barbarian invaders as well as finally defeating Postumus after a prolonged period which saw the two in battlefields on three different occasions.

Asides from these marks of merit, Gallienus was a cruel tyrant of an oddly mild disposition. Given to a life of luxury at a time when the empire was suffering endless bouts of attacks this procured the rebellion of many armies in the provinces. Ingenuus, Macrianus, Quietus, Balista, Domitianus of Gaul, Regallianus, Zenobia, Celsus, Odenathus, Trebellianus, Piso, the Gallic secessionists and possibly many more whose names are lost to history all usurped the throne only to have met crushing defeats by the forces of Gallienus. His luck finally ran out while besieging another usurper, Aureolus, at the hands of his own despairing soldiers.



Obv-GALLERIUSAVG Radiate Head Right

Rev-FORTVNAREDVX Fortuna standing left with rudder and cornucopia

RIC 193, Cohen 269, S'88 2959

Obv-IMPGALLIENVSAVG Radiate head right

Rev-DIANAE CON SAVG Doe walking right, head turned left

RIC 177, Cohen 154

Obv-GALLIENVS AVG Radiate Head Right

Rev-DIANAE CONS AVG Stag walking left. XII in ex.

VM 49/4

Obv-IMP GALLIENVS AVG Radiate head right.

Rev-DIANAE CONS AVG Doe walking right, head turned left. e in ex.

Obv- GALLIENVS AVG Radiate Head Right.

Rev-UNKNOWN Figure standing holding branch.

Obv-GALLIENVS AVG Radiate Head Right.

Rev-SOLI CONS AVG pegasus right springing heavenward. N in ex.

Obv-GALLIENVS AVG Raidiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

Rev-IOVI PROPVGNAT Jupiter standing left and looking right, holding thunderbolt and eagle.