Carinus              283 - 285 A.D.


Carinus became Caesar along with his brother Numerian soon after their father, Carus, arrived to the throne. When war broke out with the Persians, Carus elevated both sons and all three held the same title. Carus took Numerian along with him to war and both perished leaving him as the sole surviving emperor. He was a hated emperor with sources citing unprovoked murders within the Senate and entertained in every sordid vice he could indulge without any care of the welfare of anyone else. His brief reign recalled all the hated excesses of Gallienus of some twenty years before. In fact, Gibbon, the most famous Roman historian, summarizes that "...he displayed to the Romans the extravagancies of Elagabalus, aggravated by the cruelty of Domitian." Soon a usurper arose, Diocletian, whom he confronted in battle and just as he seemed to emerge victorious he was slain by one of his own soldiers who had an unrelated score to settle with him.


Obv-CARINVS NOBIL CAES Radiate, draped bust right.

Rev-SAECVLI FELICITAS Emperor standing right holding spear and globe.

Obv-IMP C M AVR CARINVS PF AVG Radiate, cuirassed bust right.

Rev-VIRTVS AVGG Carinus receives Victory on a globe from his father Carus who stands on the right facing left. H between figures and XXI in ex.