On these pages I am going to explain how electrolysis works, tips and tricks that I have learned along the way and how to construct a single coin and a multiple coin zapper.

These pages are not intended to be a complete study of the science of electrolysis, nor do I assume any responsibility for misuse of the information.  Common sense should be used when dealing with electricity and chemicals.

Corrections and additions to this work would be greatly appreciated, please email me.      

What is electrolysis and how does it work?  Some theory and a chemistry primer.

What do I need and how do I build a zapper?

Iíve built it, now what do I do?

Can I control the current?

Take a look at a bigger zapper.

Coming soon ---- Tips and tricks.

A carbon brush zapper.

Electrolysis Experiment

Coming soon ---- Re-patinating a coin